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First rough draft of full cover

We are pleased to announce the final list of poets selected for our Rejected Stuff Anthology to be released in July 2016 and provisionally called THE REJECTED ANTHOLOGY.
Please check your name and your submission for any errors. Kindly check your e-mail communication with us and don't forget to send the relevant details in case we have asked for any. Friends, Here comes THE LIST !
1. Ade Caparas Manilah In bliss
2. Adegbite Ayodeji World in chaos
3. Akash Deep Gupta We, the magicians
4. Akhila Rajesh Time
5. Ampat Koshy
6. Ananya Chatterjee Confessions of a tree
7. Anca Mihaela Bruma Rumination
8. Angela Fulo A time alone
9. Anuj Kumar Dry leaf
10. Anuradha Bhattacharyya Love Flows
11. Aprilia Zank twilight
12. Arghya Dey I feel tired
13. Avikal Shukla He asked for a kiss
14. Ayush Singhania Trust me
15. Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar Essence of woman
16. Binod Bastola At the end
17. Bishwabikash Das The sex worker
18. Cleber Pacheco Guest
19. Christopher Chiwanza All I want is sex
20. David Thane Cornell Looking down
21. Debanjan Chatterjee Window-eyes
22. Debasish Mishra An encounter with beauty
23. Dimbeswar Talukdar Story of a flower
24. Don Yorty on painting
25. Donall Dempsey Adagio
26. D. Russel Micnhimer Jaan bread for N.P
27. Elizabeth Marino My mother loved Spanish rice
28. Faraz Jamil Kakar ''Pharaoh and Haman'' translation from Pashtun original poet- Bari Jahani
29. Filamer Borja Dying of cancer
30. Gargi Sarkhel Bagchi The best smile in the world
31. Gina Ancheta Agsaulio The mystery of life
32. Gina McKnight Today
33. Gorakhnath Gangane I drink
34. Gurpreet K Bhogal A surprise
35. Hardaman Singh A common man
36. Harish Bhatia Supplication
37. Iram Ali Life and light
38. Iulia Gherghei A winter story
39. James Dooney My journey unto sleep
40. James Downs The skin
41. Janne De Rijck Saints and hookers
42. John. M. Olsen No title
43. Kalyani Dixit Strange feelings for an acquainted stranger
44. Kamlesh Acharya The fork along the path
45. Kapardeli Eftichia Love and compassion
46. Karl Whiting Beauty is the heroine
47. Kasozi Andrew I will still write
48. Ken. L. Custance Each time I walk by
49. Khadun Pramila Lover lost
50. Khushi Gupta The voice of pain
51. Kinga Fabo Isadora Duncan dancing
52. K. Sarada In rain and thunder
53. Laurie Anne Smith These dreams
54. Lopamudra Banerjee A woman I am
55. Louis Kasatkin Sparrow’s Song
56. Lubna Ahmed Destination
57. Lucette Bailliet The night tonight
58. Madhusmita Rawooth Joy of small things
59. Majrooh Rashid Resolve
60. Malkeet Kaur An elemental woman
61. Mang'eni Wycliffe Obwoya Will be there
62. Marshall G. Kent Sr Grandma’s Arms
63. Mary Annie A.V The tiger says it all
64. Maurice Higgs Mynd fetish
65. Meha Sharma Yearning
66. Melloney Withers (aka Eridu Serpent) Star burst
67. Michael Collins Old moon
68. Michael Dickel Dead letter
69. Mou Majumdar Sarkar Putrang Dehi
70. Nada Rajan Silent us!
71. Nalini Priyadarshni Listen
72. Nandini Garg Fumes from the forests
73. Neetu Wali Autism
74. Nhlanhla Kweyama They never gave up!
75. Nisha Mishra She walks away
76. Nisha Suresh This moment
77. Nitin Soni My golden apples
78. Paul Abuya Okello These poets
79. Payal Agarwal Words
80. Perveiz Ali Oh My Beloved
81. Poulome Mitra Shaw I wanted to write this love song
82. Pradipta Kumar Mohanty Captivation
83. Pranav Sinha She
84. Aatish Shayer (Prateek Shinde) An upset Rose
85. Precious Chilongozi Dark muse
86. Rajbabu Gandham Pursuit
87. Rajendra Padhi I fly somewhere
88. Randall Stephen Hall Stuff
89. Rathindra Ghosh If I am called by your name
90. Reema Das Through the open window
91. Reena Prasad Parallel play
92. Rekha M Blaze
93. Richi Simon Aspire for a better tomorrow
94. Rishabh Tulsyan I saw him sitting
95. Rit Chattapadhayay Knowing love
96. R Jayachandran When I go, don’t weep for me
97. R.K. Das Flowerbed
98. Rose Applebloom Love Candy (Awe)
99. Rukhaya M.K Destiny
100. Rupa Humagain Bohara My wishes
101. Samantak Bhadra We are all
102. Sandeep Koul The answer to Diogenes
103. Sangeeta Suneja A clear road
104. Sarala Ramkamal I started to love
105. Sha-Azam Mohammed Umer Siddiqui For my best friend
106. Shyama.E The candle
107. Sheikha A.( Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani) Erudite
108. Shelley Ann Dwornik Gather the pieces
109. Shonali Dey Integrating loneliness to love
110. Joanna S. Koshy A boy and a girl sat by a river
111. Shruti Goswami Letter
112. Smitha Bharathan My father so dear
113. Somava Das The moment
114. Sonal Agrawal The ordeal
115. Srishti Dutta Chowdhury September sighs over teacups
116. Sunita Prasad Torn in-between
117. Sunil Sharma The amusement park : Three parts
118. Suresh Dogra Philandering
119. Suvojit Banerjee To Alice
120. Suzette Portes San Jose The victim
121. Swati Singh Sambyal The dead butterfly collector
122. Tapeshwar Prasad Silent depot
123. Tapti Pal The journey of a cloud
124. Taslima Rahman. Night
125. Titiksha Singhal Sinners
126. Udita Garg Lonely
127. Usha Bhatia Visit
128. Varsha Singh Being and everythingness
129. Vijay Varma "Ajanabee" My broken heart
130. Vinati Bhola There is nothing more tragic than reality
131. Vinay Kumar Kuchhal Nature
132. Volodymyr Bilyk Out for sense
133. Waseem A. Malla Love and hunger
134. Wribhu Chattopadhyay Paradox
135. Zainab Hossain Adieu
136. Zeenath Ibrahim The sun and I
137. Persian Khushi I sit here and ponder
138. Daniela Voicu Ghosts of existence
139. Gopali Ghosh It'll be 30 pieces of silver
140. Kalpana-Imagination Mystical nights
141. Pendyala Pradeep She
142. Saroj K. Padhi An autumn afternoon
143. Ramesh Rai A lesson in smile
144. Nitulika Singh Motherhood
145. Lagna Pany Dandelions of love
1. Animesh Ganguly Father and daughter
2. Faheem Gundroo Monsoon union
3. Garima Pura Sugarcoating the bitter pill
4. Jawaid Danish My son is autistic
Solo-A short play
(translated from Urdu by Jawaid Danish with Reena Grover)
5. John Lerry M. Marin Three lost symbols
6. Joyce Yarrow My 'made it' moment
7. Kaartikeya Bajpai Base camp
8. Lisa D. Ellis The firefly
9.Manipadma Ocean
10. Michele Baron tire
11. Namrata The keepsake
12. Nirmolika Sangha The ring
13. Pamposh Dhar Remembering Papa
14. Panjami Anand Healing
15. Payal Pasha Here lies a crazy animal lover
16. Prodipta Banerjee The desert of love
17. Rajeev Tanwar Reverse mortgage
18. Ramaa Sonti Madam Ji
19. Ruma Chakravarti Window To The West
20. Sajini Chandrasekera Tearful memories
21. Sanjaya Mishra Listen to the leaves
22. Santosh Bakaya 'O' hark!
23. Soumya Mukherjee The custodian
24. Sreelekha Chatterjee The serial guilt
25. Tribhawan Kaul The present
26. Ushnav Shroff The boy who wished for rain
27. Vivek Dubey Power
28. Shriya Pant Cauldron of dreams
29. Maya Dev The untethered soul
30. Ankita Chandgothia and Debika Chakravarty Intimate
Dr. A. V. Koshy / Reena Prasad.