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Aois21Annual 2017-Μόλις εμαθα οτι μου δημοσίευσαν εργα μου στο περιοδικό http://www.aois21.com/aois21-annual/aois21-annual-2017

Congratulations and thank you for submitting your work for the 2017 aois21 annual literary magazine. Your work was chosen from dozens of submissions and reviewed by our Submission Review Board and Editorial Staff. Tomorrow we will be officially announcing your name by section in our weekly e-mail and blasting it across our social media platforms. Thank you for submitting and taking part through each level of this process. 
Mark your calendars for our release party October 21st, 4 to 5 pm at Walls of Books in Washington, DC. It is located at 3325 Georgia Ave. NW in the Petworth neighborhood and is six blocks from the Petworth-Georgia Avenue station. Please let us know if you are able to attend and would like to read from your submission to the annual. The event is only one hour, so space is limited.
As the annual is entirely electronic this year, there will be no print copies available. One will be provided to you this weekend, before it is put up for sale on the aois21 market and other online retailers.
If you would like to order additional copies, you will receive a coupon code closer to launch day in order to purchase them at the reduced rate of $5.
In addition to your complimentary copy, you will each share in the royalties for each sale. We will contact you in the weeks ahead with the exact percentage as we are still totaling costs for production. Needless to say, since it is electronic only, the costs are far less then in years past.
Be sure to share this news with friends and family. If you haven't already signed up for the weekly aois21 email and see the complete list of contributors tomorrow morning (9 AM EDT).
Thank you all for your contribution to our magazine. We are grateful that you would share your talent with us so that we can share it with the world.

Your contributions made our magazine possible.
Thank you again for contributing. The video from our release event will soon be up on our YouTube channel and media.aois21.com. Have a great week

Μόλις εμαθα οτι μου δημοσίευσαν εργα μου στο περιοδικό


Μύριες λεπτές ρίζες
φλέβες στην δύναμη 
της γης βυθισμένες
γεννιέται όμοια η 
βλάστηση και η 
Ένα σώμα βράχος και Θεός

Άπλαστη η φωνή
η ανάσα
και η εντολή ζωής
νερό που ρέει για 
Αιώνες προς την 
θάλασσα αδιάκοπα

Τον βράχο αγγίζουν 
σοφά χέρια
τον φυλακίζουν στο 
νου και το κορμί
να τον ερμηνεύσουν θέλουν

Countless fine roots
veins in the power
of submerged land
born the same
vegetation and
A body of rock and God

Aplastic voice
the breath
and the order of life
water flows for
Centuries to
uninterrupted sea

The rock touch
wise hands
imprisoned in the
mind and body
want to interpret the

Το λευκό κρίνο 
ευωδιάζει στα λυτά δροσερά 
της νιότης μαλλιά
ο αέρας κρύβεται 
αιώνια στα φύλλα των δρυμών
η καλή μέρα 
στου Ήλιου τα σπλάχνα
The white lily
smells to the lysed
cool youthful hair
the air is hiding
forever on the leaves
of the forests
The good day 
to the sun the viscera
is born

I'm the sun that heats up
your frozen lips
I am the night rain
who hid the flowers
In the windswept hole
And your wounded breasts
I am the peace
I'm your new one
wings and freedom
I'm your smile
open intoxicating rose
of foliage 
of your heart
I am the rustling

Είμαι ο Ήλιος που ζεσταίνει 
τα παγωμένα χείλη σου 
είμαι η νυχτερινή βροχή 
που κρυφά τα λουλούδια 
στο ανεμοδαρμένο ακρογιάλι 
και στα πληγωμένα σου στήθη 
είμαι η γαλήνη 
Είμαι τα καινούργια σου 
φτερά και η ελευθερία 
είμαι το χαμογελό σου 
ανοικτό μεθυστικό ρόδο 
της φυλλωσιάς της
καρδιάς σου είμαι το θρόισμα
Άλικος τρυφερός πρώτος ανθός
με κόκκινα ροδοπέταλα
μυρίπνοο ρόδο 
από μύρο και φως 
Διψασμένα τα χείλη
για λόγια μυστικά
γεμάτα φρόνηση και τάξη
διψασμένα τα χείλη
για φιλιά πρωτόγνωρα
με στοργή και αγάπη 
Στην βία ,στην ζάλη, στην οργή
στην οδύνη στην παραφροσύνη
εσύ απάνεμο γαλήνιο ακρογιάλι
της ψυχής εσύ το χάδι 
Fiery, loving, first flower
with red rose petals
with breath Aromatic rose
From light and myrrh
Thirsty lips
for word secrets
full of wisdom and order
thirsty lips
for kissing unprecedented
with affection 
and love
In violence, in dizziness, in rage
In distress, insanity
you , innocent serene edge
of the soul,you 
the Caress

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